Happy New Year! To celebrate the new year, we have some announcements to make…

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our new Prospect Genius blog! We will be using this medium to better communicate with our community of customers, and to keep everyone informed about Prospect Genius related news.

Going forward, we will post any news related to the progress of the company here in hopes that our customers will find it both interesting and helpful. Things such as the addition of new features and reports, upgrades to our services, or changes to existing features and services will all be made known through this blog. Our goal is to ensure easy access to information relevant to our community of customers.

As we grow our community, we will announce the new arrivals to all of our existing customers. This will give you a chance to welcome the new-comers and to establish new business connections within the community.

We hope that you enjoy this service, and look forward to your feedback!