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Local Search

Am I going to be number one on Google’s search results pages?

This is a promise only Google can make because only Google controls where you rank. The vast majority of our clients enjoy very strong rankings for a wide variety of their targeted search terms.

Why are customer reviews so important in a local search campaign?

Having customer reviews on your Google listing and other directory listings is a great way to appeal to prospective customers. However, it’s also essential in improving your SEO. Read more in our blog post, “How to Get More Customer Reviews Just by Asking for Them.”

 Why does my Google listing matter so much? And what does my PIN have to do with it?

Google is the king of local search. Therefore, creating an optimized listing on Google is crucial if you want to be as visible as possible to prospective customers in your area. Google sends PINs to listing owners as a way of verifying that the listed business address is, in fact, correct. Prospect Genius needs you to give us that PIN so we can verify your listing and continue with the optimization process.

Why is CleanSlate™ necessary? Does it really matter if I have a messy web presence?

Yes, it matters. A lot. A messy web presence will have lots of conflicting information about your business, like different addresses, phone numbers, and even spellings of your company name. It makes your company’s legitimacy questionable in the eyes of Google, and your local search visibility plummets as a result. Our CleanSlate program will clean up your web presence and make sure all of the information about you across the web matches perfectly, priming you for local search success. Visit Google to learn more about its guidelines for representing your business.

If I sign up for Directory Dominator™, where will you list my business?

Our Directory Dominator package gets you into 411 directory assistance, GPS navigation units, and hundreds of directories. We’ll list your business on all of the internet’s most popular directories, including Yelp, Angie’s List,, Citysearch… the list goes on. We’ll also keep your company out of the internet’s “bad neighborhoods”—i.e. sites that directly defy Google’s quality guidelines—so you remain in Google’s high esteem.

Why does the Directory Dominator package have an ongoing fee?

You may be surprised to learn that directory listings require continuous maintenance. We regularly check your listings to make sure no information has been altered or removed. This maintenance brings you the consistency that keeps your business in good standing with Google.

If I use two SEO companies at the same time, will I get better results?

NO. We cannot stress this enough. Working with more than one SEO company at the same time will actually hurt your campaign. It’s not in our interest to tell you this, either, because we’re essentially telling you not to hire us if you’re already working with another SEO provider. However, it’s in your best interest to stick with your current provider and not to sabotage your own campaign. Read more in our blog post, “12 Reasons Using Multiple SEO Companies Is a Terrible Idea.”

Why do you recommend purchasing additional website pages?

Filling up your site with informative, well written content that’s optimized for specific keywords is the most effective and affordable way to perform SEO. It may seem like a lot of words, but it’s necessary to appeal to both search engines and human readers alike.

You boast about never using duplicate content. Why is duplicate content such a bad thing?

The shortest and simplest answer is that duplicate content is bad because Google says so. If you want your company to remain visible and rank well in local search, then you must comply with Google’s guidelines. That’s why we never duplicate the content we provide for our clients.

Who owns my CoreSite™?

You do! When you purchase a CoreSite, you own the content and the URL. (Clients taking advantage of our financing option secure ownership of the site once the final payment has been made.)

Social Media

What is the goal of promoting Facebook ads?

There are several things you can do with paid Facebook ads, ranging from promotion of an event to increasing traffic to your website. Increasingly, people are crowdsourcing information and advice from friends and relatives on Facebook rather than looking to Google for the answer. This means an increasing number of people will never see your search marketing efforts. Facebook marketing offers a way to tap into the massive number of people that search engines never see.

Is there a difference between my personal Facebook profile and my business’s Facebook Page?

Yes, there’s a big difference. They are two separate entities: one for your own personal use, and one for promoting your business. When you sign up with Prospect Genius, we’ll create a Facebook for Business page for your company, which we will also manage. You maintain sole ownership of your personal profile—we don’t touch it. Read more about Facebook for Business here.

Why do you have to be my Facebook for Business manager?

We need to be the manager of clients’ Facebook for Business pages because that designation allows us the required access to perform our promotional activities effectively. We share posts on your page to keep your presence consistent. If you’ve hired us for a paid Facebook ad campaign, then we also need to run, test, and rotate ads. Being the manager of your page allows us to perform all of these tasks.

What’s the difference between SocialStart™, SocialStream™, and SocialBuzz™?

SocialStart is for social media beginners who just want to establish a basic presence on a few social media sites. After creating accounts for you on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, we write a starter post and share it on your accounts. Then, we hand the keys over to you. SocialStream, on the other hand, is a continued service in which we share in-depth posts on a regular schedule. This will keep your company engaged on social media without requiring you to take time to generate or manage content. Like SocialStream, SocialBuzz provides ongoing posts on your social media pages, but rather than providing lengthy business-related posts, SocialBuzz offers short updates focused on building your online personality.

How often will you post on my behalf?

This is totally up to you. If you’re a SocialStart user, we generate one post. If you’re a SocialBuzz client, we generate four posts per month. But if you’re a SocialStream user, you get to decide how many posts we share per month. We could post anywhere from once a month to 20 times a month—it’s up to you.

How do you come up with content for my posts?

Content for posts can come from anywhere. Our writers might be inspired by something specific about your company and choose to write a short blog post about that. At the same time, you could call us and tell us about an exciting job you recently performed, and that could become the focus of our next post. Ideally, the content of your blog and social media will be a collaborative effort between you and our writers so your unique personality and knowledge are showcased in the best light.

Why does having a social media presence matter?

Social media engagement is one of the ways people vet businesses these days. If you don’t have an active social media presence, many people will conclude that you’re non-responsive and out of touch. Not only is social media a way to spread the word about your business in a more efficient way, but it’s also a terrific showcase for your business’s unique personality. When prospects get a glimpse of what your company is about and see that there are real people behind it, they’ll be much more likely to connect with you.

Why do Facebook “Likes” matter?

Page “Likes” are becoming more and more important in establishing credibility online. Businesses without a significant number of Likes on their Facebook page are similar to restaurants without patrons. People passing by will not go in because the restaurant is empty, implying that it’s unpopular. We can help you establish the needed level of credibility by increasing the number of Likes on your page.

How involved do I have to be in Ghost Writing?

While we do all of the writing for you, we still need your help in making sure we have all the facts. We need you to give us as much information as possible about your company and your services, and we also need you to respond to our requests for additional information in a timely manner. We can’t do our job unless you give us something to write about!

Paid Search

How fast will I see results?

Although paid search does take effect much more quickly than local search, it still requires a bit of time. It may take up to one month before your PPC campaign really takes off.

When I pay you for PPC, where is my money going?

When you pay for an AdWords (PPC) campaign, your money goes to two separate places: Google and Prospect Genius. You pay Google for clicks each month, and you pay a management fee to us that covers our overhead during your campaign. To make your PPC campaign successful, we have to perform lots of regular tasks, such as A/B ad testing and ad rotation. Since you get two separate bills—one from Google, one from us—our PPC package offers far more transparency than that of other providers.

What is an ad group?

The simplest way to think of an “ad group” is that it’s a group of ads promoting the same, single service. (Google’s AdWords Help page offers a more technical definition, but it means the same thing: “An ad group contains one or more ads which target a shared set of keywords.”) A collection of ad groups is what forms an AdWords (PPC) campaign. When you sign up with Prospect Genius for PPC, you must designate at least one ad group (service offering) to promote. We’re more than happy to assist you in deciding which ad group(s) to run, based on cost estimates, traffic estimates, and any other insights that we’ve gained from experience.

How can I see my ads and track their performance?

First, don’t Google yourself to see your own ads! You’ll actually wind up inflating your costs. (Read more about this in our blog post, “When Pay-Per-Click Becomes Pay-Per-Search.”) Instead, you can simply log in to the Client Portal and view all of your ads, including their performance, right in one place.

Can I pause my campaign or do I have to cancel it?

You have the option to pause your paid search campaign. When you notify us that you’d like to pause, rather than cancel, you just pay us a low monthly retainer fee to keep your account active. While it’s paused, we’ll monitor the account to make sure it isn’t affected by any bugs, Google updates, hackers, etc. The advantage of pausing over canceling is that you’re able to stop paying for clicks while keeping your existing rates (because you never actually quit). You also don’t have to pay a setup fee to turn the same ad groups back on when you resume. Furthermore, you can retain access to the Client Portal the whole time.

What are some paid search alternatives to PPC?

Other paid search options include Facebook ads and remarketing campaigns.

What’s the difference between PPC and remarketing?

PPC puts you in front of new people while remarketing keeps you in front of the people you’ve already met. While both are powered by Google AdWords, they serve very different purposes. With PPC, your goal is to generate traffic and drive visitors to your site. With remarketing, your goal is to promote awareness of your company so you remain at the top of people’s minds when they’re in need of your services. The results can be quite potent when PPC and remarketing are combined.

In what geographic area will my ads be visible? How big can my advertising radius be?

You get to dictate where your ads are displayed. If you want your ads to be hyper-focused, then you can select a specific town for them. If you want to reach the whole surrounding county, you can do that, too. You can even have your ads appear in different states if that’s what fits the goal of your campaign. Working with Prospect Genius and telling us what your goals are will help us decide on the best radius for you.


What is a CallTrax™ number?

Your CallTrax number is a unique phone number intended to help measure return on investment (ROI). It can be used on your CoreSite and any promotional listings that we create for you. When you log in to the Client Portal, you’ll see exactly how many calls came to you through this number. In other words, it’s a way for you to track how many calls are being generated by your Prospect Genius marketing campaign and determine whether you’re getting a positive ROI from our services.

What’s my role in the whole Prospect Genius program?

The most important thing to know about us is that we are not a “set it and forget it” kind of program. Although we do manage your campaign and perform all of the promotional activities for you, we need your participation at different stages. For instance, we need you to give us your Google and Bing PINs, let us access your listings, and answer us in a timely fashion when we have questions about your company. The more you participate, the more successful your campaign will be.

How can I measure the success of my campaign?

You can measure your campaign’s success by accessing the Client Portal. There, you can see how many visitors have been to your site and how many calls and emails you’ve gotten through your CallTrax number and unique email address. The Client Portal makes it easy to track incoming calls/emails and see how many prospective customers have come to you straight from our marketing.