Case Study

Simply Trees

This case study shows how we uncovered—and cleaned up—a trail of inaccurate client information online.

WebFax Report

We provided Simply Trees with a WebFax report summarizing their online footprint. This report uncovers any inaccurate company name, website, address, phone, or email information that may be published on the web about a business.

Listing Cleanup

We corrected the inaccurate information found through the WebFax. This example shows Simply Trees’ Google listing with the address, hours, and phone number all incorrect…

Corrected Information

And this image shows the updated listing (with the correct address, hours, and phone number). We similarly addressed the inaccuracies found on other listings to ensure the client’s information is consistent across the web.

Improved Rankings

Our cleanup work was completed in July. Once we updated the client’s listings to remove all name, telephone, address, website, and email variations, the client saw an almost instant improvement in rankings (across several search terms).

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