Case Study

Facebook Ads vs. Google AdWords

Did you know AdWords can be 4 times as expensive as Facebook? Using data from just one day, we’ll show you the difference in cost-per-click (CPC) between Facebook Ads and Google AdWords. Try Facebook Ads Today

The Matchup

We’re about to show you two sets of data: one from Google AdWords, and one from Facebook Ads. Both are from campaigns we managed for Bethany’s Cleaning Service, one of our clients. This client’s daily spend budget was $40. Each set of data is taken from a single day.

Exhibit A: Google AdWords Ad

AdwordsIn one day…

  • Bethany’s Cleaning Service spent $39.45.
  • Their ad was placed in front of 126 people.
  • Their ad was clicked 7 times. 
  • Their ad’s click-through rate (CTR) was 5.56%, which is actually far above average.

Exhibit B: Facebook Ad

Fb Ad In one day…

  • Bethany’s Cleaning Service spent only $22.67 out of their total budget.
  • Their ad was placed in front of 951 people.
  • Their ad was clicked 29 times.
  • Their ad’s CTR was 3.05%, which is substantially lower than the AdWords CTR (5.56%).

The Shocking Difference

However, even with a lower CTR, Bethany’s Cleaning Service’s ad received 22 more clicks on Facebook than on AdWords! Do the math: Facebook only cost $0.78 per click, while AdWords cost $5.64 per click. In fact, this same Facebook ad had a cost-per-click as low as $0.29 at one point during its campaign! So, the potential for Facebook ads to actually be 19 times cheaper is very real.


Google AdWords

Facebook Ads

  1. Received 7 clicks in one day
  • Received 29 clicks in one day
  1. Cost $5.64 per click
  • Cost $0.78 per click
  1. Produced less than 1 contact per day
  • Produced 1 – 6 direct messages per day



Overall, AdWords is 4 times more expensive than Facebook. And that’s saying a lot, because this particular AdWords campaign performed like a rock star! The numbers can be even more mind-boggling when you use one of the strongest-performing days of the Facebook campaign where the CPC was just $0.29. Using that day, AdWords is more than 19 times as expensive per click! Furthermore, Bethany’s Cleaning Service is receiving a much higher rate of contact on Facebook than on AdWords. During their campaigns, they received anywhere from 1 to 6 direct messages per day on Facebook, whereas AdWords produced less than 1 contact per day. So, on top of being more cost-effective for clicks, Facebook also caters to people’s preference for texting and emailing over calling on the phone. Therefore, if we go beyond clicks and start comparing conversions, the difference is even more wildly in favor of Facebook ads.

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