Our Job Is to Get Prospects to Contact You

Getting your phone to ring sounds simple, but with today’s competitive market, you need a strong web presence to get—and keep—the calls coming in.

How Is That Done?

Instead of the confusing nit-gritty of tactics, let’s look at a broad strategic overview of how we bring your business out on top. Prospect Genius works to connect prospective customers with your company by:

  • Improving your search engine rankings
  • Improving your social media presence
  • Expanding your reach to a wider audience

How We Improve Search Rankings

We clean up your existing web presence. Every online advertising campaign creates a trail of old URLs, phone numbers, and other inconsistent data across the internet. If you’re like most businesses, you’ve tried dozens of advertisers over the years. That leaves behind a lot of garbage that ultimately kills every new campaign you start. Digging through the web to clean up outdated information gives you the best chance at online advertising success. We put your best foot forward for both site visitors and search engines. Your website is the heart of your web presence. It needs to be optimized for search engine traffic as well as for prospective customers to meet the needs of both parties. We work to repair your existing website or provide you with a brand-new site to show off your company beautifully no matter who comes calling. We leverage original content to maximize rankings and conversion. Have you heard the industry saying, “Content is king”? This is shorthand to say the information on your site can improve search rankings. It can also mean the difference between someone never making it past your homepage and becoming a paying customer. At Prospect Genius, we have the most highly trained writers in the industry, and the customized client content we generate has a proven track record. We promote your company across the web. You can have a gorgeous website, but if no one is able to find the site, it’s not going to translate into more business. That’s why we tell the world about your website through directory listings and other backlinks. This fuels higher rankings to bring prospects straight to you!

How Social Media Plays In

If you think search engines are the end-all and be-all of online marketing, you’re a bit behind. Today social media is stealing traffic away from search engines. People are increasingly turning to social media, crowdsourcing among their friends instead of asking Google. As a result, if you’re only in the search game, you never get a chance with this segment of your audience. Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind that as society’s buying power shifts from Baby Boomers toward Millennials, more and more people are using social media to scope out businesses. Younger consumers often judge your company by your Facebook page. Thus, it’s vital for your social media pages to look good, have a pile of “likes,” and be actively updated. Otherwise, you can kiss this growing segment of the market goodbye. Finally, it’s worth noting that ads on Facebook are far more cost effective than on Google. Not only are Facebook Ads more affordable, they also enable you to get your message in front of many consumers faster, even before they go to a search engine.

Why Worry About a Wider Audience?

Different consumers use the internet in different ways. There’s no single web marketing tactic that extends to everyone. That’s why, to maximize your reach, you need a broad approach to connect with prospective customers. We use PPC, remarketing, and targeted Facebook Ads to get our clients in front of customers wherever those customers are online. Paid ad campaigns can be expensive when done improperly. Our experts know who to target, when, and what to say. That keeps your costs down and profits up. Have you noticed how once you look at a product on Amazon, suddenly you see ads for the same product on other websites? It seems like those ads chase you all over the internet. Did you know that you can do the same thing for your company? We can help you do what Amazon does! We’ll target people who have visited your website to market your company to them when they visit unrelated sites. Your company will look bigger, more prominent, and more trustworthy as a result.

Why Choose Us

“Prospect Genius is great to work with. Their employees are very helpful and always willing to help if you have any questions or concerns.” — Gary Sawyer, United Appliance Parts

Think all web marketing companies are the same? We beg to differ. Here’s how we stand apart from the other guys:

  • Ownership. With Prospect Genius, you own your website. Unlike with most web marketing programs, you’re not just renting a website from us. You’re buying your site, and it’s yours forever. Your CoreSite is an investment in your brand.
  • Mobile-first design. More searches now take place on mobile devices than on desktop computers. If your web presence isn’t mobile-friendly, your competition is leaving you in the dust. Prospect Genius has been optimizing client sites for mobile since way back in 2010! With our mobile-first strategies, we help you stay competitive in an ever-evolving market.
  • A fresh start. Your digital footprint can sabotage your online marketing. We include Webfax® and CleanSlate™ in our packages to clean up old URLs, phone numbers, and other junk left behind by previous web advertising. This cleanup keeps old campaigns from holding you back, setting up your new marketing for success.
  • Call tracking. Do you have any way to assess your online marketing? Our CallTrax™ tracking phone number lets you see exactly how your web advertising is working. Even better, if you ever decide to leave Prospect Genius, you can keep that tracking number free of charge.
  • Full-service. We provide full-service online marketing, not a semi-DIY program. Need content? Our professional writers have you covered. Want PPC? Our experts can set up and manage your ads. Need eye-catching visuals? Our graphic designers can create logos and other images. We bring you everything you need for a complete, successful web presence.

Ready to learn more? Call us at (800) 689-1273 now!