Spring Savings: Pay Less, Get More

Refer Clients and Save Big

Did you know that there’s a simple, easy way to substantially cut your monthly online advertising bill? Countless clients have done it and continue to enjoy big savings each month. All you have to do is refer a few of your friends to us! By giving us the names and phone numbers of fellow business owners who you think might be interested in signing up for our lead generation program, you can save $10 per month on your own bill! While most companies will offer a one-time discount for referrals, we’re offering a generous $10 off every month for the rest of your campaign.* Keep reading to learn about the client referral process and how you can use it to your advantage.

How Does It Work?

Once you’ve referred other business owners to us, we’ll take it from there. We’ll give them a call to see if they’re interested in our online advertising services, and if they decide to sign up for our Core program, you will be eligible for a discount of $10 per month. You may refer multiple clients and accumulate discounts (so long as your final monthly bill does not go below $9 per month). Moreover, your referred clients do not have to be in the same town or industry as you. We’re not asking you to help out your competitors! After you receive the credit on your invoice, you can choose to keep your savings in your pocket or use the savings to add more features to your campaign.

A Penny Saved Is a Penny Earned…

In today’s economy, every dollar saved makes a difference. If you refer a handful of clients and save $30-$40 per month, for example, that difference could be huge! Whether you set that money aside for a rainy day or you spend it on fun activities with your family, extra savings can make life a lot easier.

Or You Can Put It to Good Use!

Your other option is to put those savings toward an add-on feature or two. These features will enhance your existing campaign by providing you with extra tracking capabilities, improved site appearance, increased directory reach, and other great benefits. Here are just a few of the smaller add-on features we offer that you might consider leveraging with your new savings:

  • Ad Blast package: We post ads for your company on online classifieds outlets to reach nearby residents directly.
  • AdTrax™: This is a tracking feature that shows you how your website is ranking for specific keywords.
  • MapTrax™: This is a tool that monitors your Google+ Local page and alerts you of any issues or changes.
  • Press release writing and syndication package: We will write about a newsworthy event related to your company and syndicate that press release to boost the SEO value of your company’s name.
  • Template upgrades: We will switch your LeadTrax site to a different template and tweak all of the code, photos, and layout so the content will look even better.
  • Extra CallTrax numbers: Add an extra CallTrax number if you want to have another phone line.
  • E-mail-to-phone setup: This automated service sends e-mail leads to your phone. It reads the message to you three times and sends a follow-up text message with the caller’s information.
  • Additional LeadTrax site pages: If you want to add a new service offering, we will write a new page for your site.

Client referrals take very little effort on your part, but the rewards are significant. Whether you hold on to your savings or invest them in an additional feature, you’ll certainly be glad you sent another business to our door.

It’s a No-Brainer

When you refer a new client to us, we all win: A deserving business owner gets access to our exclusive lead generation services, you enjoy a monthly discount, and Prospect Genius gets to work with a brand-new client. Contact your campaign coordinator or account manager for further details about product pricing and referral procedures!   * Client referral discount remains in effect as long as both you and the referred client remain enrolled in the Prospect Genius Core program.