Ring, Ring: It’s Google Calling

If you have a Google+ Local listing, chances are Google is going to call your business—or they already have. That’s because when Google isn’t able to verify information about your business with their own resources, they pick up the phone to confirm that info with the owner. In particular, specific things, such as alterations or updates to your listing, can often trigger a phone verification. So if you’ve recently changed your business’s name or switched phone numbers, be prepared for Google to call. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, when it’s Google on the other end of the line it’s not exactly that straightforward…

So What’s the Problem?

Well, the issues stem from the fact that the Google representative making the call is based in India. The caller may or may not even mention that he’s connected with Google (from what we’ve heard, he probably won’t) before bombarding you with questions. The unfortunate result is that most business owners receiving these calls assume they’re from telemarketers, and immediately hang up. Check out this scenario playing out for one Memphis company. This is unfortunate simply because if you hang up, and Google can’t verify your business’s info on the phone, your listing is in trouble. It will be replaced with the dreaded “We do not support this location” message. And when your Google+ Local listing is down, you are going to miss out on boatloads of customers! To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, just ask who’s calling before hanging up. The caller should tell you that he or she is calling regarding your Google Maps or Google+ Local listing. He or she should only ask about the info in your listing, such as your business name and location. So if the caller starts asking what you do for online advertising or otherwise questioning you on subjects outside your listing, it’s not Google!

The PG Solution

When you first start a lead generation campaign with Prospect Genius, there is a lot of information to remember, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Our team makes a point to touch on the important information throughout the beginning of your campaign to make sure you’re familiar with your CallTrax™ number, LeadTrax™ URL, and more. To help with that goal, we’ve recently rolled out a welcome package that gets sent out to each new client. Inside, you’ll find a Prospect Genius Wallet Card that has all of your campaign’s essential information on it. We’re hoping that its convenient size means this card will go straight into your wallet, offering you an easy reference so you can be prepared when Google calls. Here at PG, our team spends a lot of time working hard to make sure your Google+ Local listing is accurate and ranking its best. By answering Google’s phone call and verifying the correct information, you can be a tremendous help to us in achieving that goal. The end result is a more successful online advertising campaign—and ultimately, a more successful business!