Prospect Genius Reports Continuing Growth, Hiring

Despite weak jobs growth nationwide, Prospect Genius is pleased to announce the continued expansion of their local online marketing firm. This search engine optimization company, based in Troy, New York, has seen a 20% growth in full-time staff during the first half of 2012. With new positions created in the sales, content management, and administrative departments, PG is registering development across the board. The July 9 addition of Jeff Pechenik, filling a new content specialist slot, represents the latest addition to the company. As PG President Alex Pelli comments, “With the massive growth of the sales team, we’ve also had to increase our staffing levels in the back office. Adding Jeff to the group means our content specialists won’t be stretched as thin. Our goal is to give each client top-quality, individualized attention, and increasing the size of our content management team makes certain our clients get the service they deserve.” Prospect Genius’s growth parallels the increasingly large demographic that relies on online sources for information. Some 91% of adult Internet users report using a search engine to locate info on the web, according to a February 2012 Pew Internet survey. With the increasing size of this online advertising audience, it’s not surprising that more small companies are in the market for Internet marketing tools. Prospect Genius partners with these local businesses to provide SEO solutions to connect with online searchers in their communities. Pelli explains, “Demand is increasing for effective online advertising. We’re growing to help more small companies harness the Internet to reach out to local prospective clients.” Prospect Genius is an online advertising company specializing in effective search engine optimization for small businesses. Established in 2007, Prospect Genius’s motto is “Bringing integrity to online advertising.”