We’ve hit another growth spurt!

Prospect Genius is going through yet another growth spurt! We’ve added so many new customers in the past few weeks that I just can’t keep up… I’ve only got a few minutes to welcome a couple of new members, but I’m sending a warm welcome to everyone I don’t have time to mention!

Let’s start with The Cleaning Authority of Cleveland. This professional maid service is your answer for a clean sparkling clean home. From weekly housekeeping service to one-time cleaning services, The Cleaning Authority has what it takes to eliminate grime and make your house shine.

A wet basement is bad news for your house: but with North American Basements on your side, their foundation contractors can repair your home in no time! Specializing in foundation repair and basement waterproofing, North American Basements is the Albany area’s resource for dry, sound basements.

From beautiful concrete work to new home construction in New Orleans, TJT Construction is the general contractor for the job. Specializing in both construction and structural and decorative concrete, their concrete contractors and home builders are ready to serve you. Offering architectural design and property management services, TJT Construction is your full-service contractor in New Orleans.

Wired Plus Car Audio is the car electronics shop to call for complete vehicle customization. From custom mobile video and car audio to high-tech home theaters, these professionals have the products and installation expertise you can trust to get the job done right. So why settle for a mediocre ride or a basic home video experience–let these guys take your mobile and home entertainment experiences to the next level.

Your master plumber in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Jennings Plumbing Services is the professional to call for complete plumbing installation and repair. From gas line repair to water heater installation, these experts have the knowledge and skill to provide complete, correct plumbing.

Well, that’s all the time I have. Give these folks a warm welcome when you get the chance and check back soon for more new Prospect Genius associates!