Harness PPC to Level-Up Your Dumpster Rental Marketing

There’s an easy trick to boosting your dumpster company’s online marketing success. Add PPC! Adding PPC (pay-per-click) advertising to your dumpster service’s SEO campaign can help take it to the next level. SEO and PPC are distinct strategies that work in vastly different ways to promote your dumpster rental service online. Combining them after you’ve already established a healthy web presence via SEO can multiply your online exposure and increase your success. Read on to find out how PPC can dramatically improve on your SEO results.

Traffic Vs. Conversion

SEO helps increase your website’s overall online visibility. Total traffic to your site should improve with a successful SEO campaign. But not 100% of the people who come to your site are going to be ready to buy. This is the difference between traffic and conversion. Traffic is getting people to your site; conversion is transforming those site visitors into paying customers. Conversions are what you ultimately want in order to make a profit. Your site traffic probably includes some motivated searchers who are looking to rent a dumpster right now. However, you also get lots of folks who are researching dumpster rental options for a job six months from now, some people who are price shopping, and some plain-old tire kickers, too. So while some traffic may turn into actual dumpster rentals, the majority may never result in money in your pocket. That’s where pay-per-click advertising can fit into your overall online marketing plan. Because PPC specifically targets motivated buyers, it can better connect you with searchers who want to rent a dumpster now. This increases your chance of converting searchers into buyers.

Motivated Searchers = More Dumpster Rentals

Essentially, PPC is focused on searchers who need or want the specific service highlighted in the ad. Since your pay-per-click is zeroed in on a motivated audience, you get improved conversion and more dumpsters rented. Your overall conversion rate on PPC traffic is going to be much higher than with organic traffic, simply because of that motivated audience. In technical speak, PPC is designed to target transactional searches (the searcher is looking to buy something or to find a provider for a specific service). SEO tends to target a mix of transactional searches and informational searches (the searcher is looking for info). In plain English, PPC is aimed at people who plan to buy now; meanwhile, SEO pulls in some people who plan to buy eventually and some people who just want a question answered. So when you add PPC into your online marketing mix, you get more site visitors who are ready to rent a dumpster. If you want stronger conversion rates today and a long-term web presence tomorrow, add PPC to your SEO campaign. But don’t forget, PPC works better—and costs less—when you have an optimized site, so don’t think you can skip the SEO step and focus all your efforts on PPC. Interested in learning more about your options for running dumpster rental pay-per-click ads? We’d love to answer any questions you may have. Call now for your free assessment, and our experts can help you decide if PPC is right for you!