Newsflash: Press Releases Can Help Spread the Word About Your Company

From new coupons and promotions to staff expansions to equipment upgrades, the things that happen behind the scenes of your business don’t always feel fresh or exciting. However, did you know that these seemingly small events are actually perfect opportunities to get the word out about your company? Our clients have found tons of success using press releases to make their news known.

So What Exactly Makes for a Newsworthy Item?

Virtually any recent change or announcement pertaining to your company that might be of interest to your community could qualify as “newsworthy.” You might not consider a new discount for veterans or the recent hire of an installation technician to be riveting news, but if it has the potential to impact local consumers, then it’s the perfect subject for a press release. Here are a few examples:

  • – Hiring employees
  • – Sales promotions or coupons
  • – Completion of training or certification
  • – Moving locations
  • – Opening additional locations
  • – Adding new services or features
  • – And more!

Use Press Releases to Reinforce Your Online Advertising Efforts

Let’s say that you’ve just hired a new sales rep or you’re promoting a service that you only offer seasonally. Aside from announcing that small piece of news, what can a press release really do for your online advertising efforts? Well, you’d be surprised at the punch that press releases can pack. Adding value to your online advertising campaign in a variety of ways, press releases:

  1. Generate positive brand recognition. The more your company name appears, the stronger your web presence and power will be in terms of brand recognition.
  2. Connect with hard-to-reach audiences. Usually the people who read your company blog or website have found you by searching for a specific service or your company name. However, if you want to reach people who might not otherwise stumble upon your name, then using press releases to announce the latest news is a great solution. You’ll be able to reach out to a different population and get the word about your business out to more folks.
  3. Get the word out about important updates. A press release makes it easy to let potential customers know about immediate news items like expanded service offerings, address changes, and time-sensitive discounts.

And best of all, press releases are affordable, getting you a lot of bang for your marketing buck. With the immediacy and convenience of online press releases right at your disposal, there’s no excuse for missing out on prospective customers because you neglected to spread the word about your company. The Internet is filled with consumers who need your services, and connecting with them is a vitally important way to capitalize on as many of those potential clients as possible.

Ready to Create a Press Release for Your Company?

Now that you’ve learned what makes an event newsworthy and how an announcement can help your marketing campaign, it’s time to actually go about creating a press release. However, it’s important to understand that an effective press release requires both a professionally crafted message and a proven syndication strategy. Not confident in your writing abilities? Unfamiliar with the syndication process? Don’t fret: Here at Prospect Genius, we’re able to both generate and promote press releases about your business, so you can worry about brainstorming your next promotion while we trumpet the latest news from your storefront. Our team of skilled writers can carefully craft an eloquent press release that will announce your news and represent your company professionally. Then, we’ll publish your press release on our meticulously cultivated selection of creditable syndication sites—allowing you to reserve your time and energy for more pressing business matters, while making sure your news is heard all over the web!