12 Reasons Using Multiple SEO Companies Is a Terrible Idea

You’ve heard the saying, “Two heads are better than one.” You’ve probably heard it too many times to count. It’s so ingrained in our minds, in fact, that we apply it to virtually every situation we find ourselves in. However, there are many scenarios in which two heads are NOT better than one. Online advertising is one of them. If you’re working with one SEO company and decide to hire another one, you won’t be doubling your chances at success. You won’t promote your business twice as fast. You won’t get twice the number of leads. All that happens is you waste your money and destroy the performance of your campaign. Truly, using multiple SEO companies is a terrible idea. Here’s why.

1. You’re paying for overlapping services.

that don't make no sense
Why pay for services from multiple companies that are all doing the same thing?

2. You’re paying twice the cost for half the result. 

burning money
Working with more than one SEO company at a time will weaken your online presence. So not only are you paying double what you need to, but you’re also getting very little out of it.

3. You’ll draw suspicion from Google.

With multiple companies working on your advertising, your listings will be updated very frequently. This looks fishy to Google. Nothing good happens when Google is suspicious of you.

4. You could be penalized by Google.

penalty flag
Google will likely view your listing as spam if there are frequent updates from several different locations. And, as you know by now, Google takes spam very seriously. This could lead to your business plummeting in rankings or even getting suspended entirely.

5. You could end up with multiple Google listings. 

With more than one company advertising for you, there’s a risk that one of them will create a new Google listing for you, even if you already have one. This may sound like a win, but it’s not. Unfortunately, “The more the merrier!” does not apply to Google listings. In fact, Google is highly suspicious of businesses with multiple listings. This could lead to suspended listings and lost customer reviews.

6. You’ll confuse the people who find you online.

confused little girl
If you do wind up with multiple listings that contain different information, then your customers will probably get confused. They may not be able to tell which listing is the real you. Instead of calling you, this uncertainty will just cause them to move on to the next company they find.

7. Constant battling means no one’s in control. 

fighting for control
Since your SEO companies will be battling each other for control, there’s no prevailing strategy for your online advertising. With no clear route mapped out, where is your campaign going? And how is it going to get there?

8. Your SEO companies undo each other’s work.

working against each other
It’s impossible to get fast results when your SEO companies keep undoing each other’s work (whether they realize it or not). When players on the same team work against each other, winning is pretty much out of the question.

9. Fighting makes your advertisers grumpy. 

Who wants to fight tooth-and-nail just so they can do their job?

10. In fact, NO ONE is happy.

angry mob
It frustrates Google because you look like a spammer. It frustrates your SEO companies because they’re trying to do their jobs with one hand tied behind their backs. And it frustrates you because you’re getting poor results.

11. Your rankings drop. 

Whether it’s because Google penalizes you or there’s a bevy of conflicting information floating around, working with more than one SEO company will cause your rankings to plummet.

12. It’s one GIANT headache. 

Even if you ignore all the above facts or you somehow avoid any negative consequences (e.g. dropped rankings, suspensions, and penalties), it’s still a massive pain for all parties involved. Life is a lot easier when you work with just one SEO company at a time. 
Even though we’ve covered this topic with funny gifs, it’s a serious issue. Using multiple SEO companies can drain your bank account and tank your web presence. Please heed our advice and think twice before doubling up.