Website ownership vital for tax resolution companies HELOO

Stop Renting! Invest in Website Ownership to Build Your Tax Resolution Brand

For tax resolution professionals looking to reach more customers online, the logical step is to sign up with a web marketer. It makes perfect sense: You get your own website, directory listings, and general online promotion. It’s everything you need to advertise your tax help services to all the right people. However, there’s something you may not realize. With many online marketing companies, “your own website” is not what it sounds like. It’s actually a website owned by the marketer, not you. This sets you up for years of renting—essentially borrowing—the website that’s the cornerstone of your Internet visibility. So if that website ever goes away, you can wave goodbye to your web presence. There’s a better way. With Prospect Genius’s CoreSite™ product, as soon as you purchase your website, you own it. This ownership gives you control, enabling you to invest in your brand long term. Why is having control of your website so important? And how does it help you down the road? Read on to find out.

Owning vs. Renting

Just like with real estate, there are major benefits to owning versus renting. What they all boil down to, though, is what you end up with at the end of the day. When you rent a house for a year, you pay 12 monthly payments to keep a roof over your head. That’s all you get. At the end of the year, you have nothing to show for the rent you’ve paid, except for maybe not dying of exposure. When you buy a house and pay monthly mortgage payments, you still get a roof over your head. But you also secure the additional benefit of equity in your home. When the mortgage is paid off, you own the property; whereas if you were paying rent for all that time, you’d still have zero equity—and zero ownership—of the home. With a website owned by your marketing company, you’re renting, paying month in and month out to keep your site up. As soon as you stop paying, they can take your website down, sell it to a competitor, or take any number of other steps that functionally dismantle your entire web presence. When you own your website, it’s yours to keep. You can pay Prospect Genius to promote it. You can work with another online advertising company for search engine optimization or other web visibility-enhancing strategies. It’s up to you. You own your website, so you make the choice!

Investing in Your Brand

For tax resolution companies, your reputation is everything. Taxpayers who are looking for tax problem help simply won’t work with a tax advisor who isn’t highly regarded and known for honest expertise. That makes sense, as the wrong tax advice can lead a taxpayer to owe thousands more in penalties and interest. However, it also means you have to do everything you can to build and maintain your brand’s reputation. Not sure how your reputation ties into owning your own website? It’s simple. When you own your website, you’re investing in your brand. You’re promoting your tax help company using a both a business name and a URL you can rely on to be around down the road. You have control over these things because you own your site. With the traditional renting model, you risk losing control of that URL and having to start over from scratch on building your brand name and recognition. So when it comes to marketing your tax resolution company online, who do you want in control of your website—and thus your entire web presence? If you want to invest in your company’s future, then invest in your brand. Make sure you own your website. For more information on the benefits of owning your website, or to learn more about Prospect Genius’s CoreSite product, feel free to contact us at your convenience!