Have You Checked Out the Client Portal Lately?

If you haven’t been utilizing the Prospect Genius Client Portal, now’s a great time to start! Why? Because we just rolled out a whole new look for the Portal! We gave it a top-to-bottom makeover and couldn’t be more pleased with the final product. Boasting a sleek design, a user-friendly layout, and some brand-new features to boot, the Portal is better than ever! If you haven’t yet, check it out now at In honor of our new and improved Portal, let’s review some of its most useful features and how you can utilize them to your advantage.

What’s Always Been There

While the overhaul of the Portal is completely fresh, we retained all of the features you’ve grown to love. If you leverage these DIY, hands-on features as often as possible, you’ll enjoy a much greater ROI. As always, with the Client Portal, you can:

  • Check your campaign on the go. Don’t wait until you’re back at home or the office: The mobile version is super easy to use!
  • Change your call routing to a different number. This only works for basic routing setups. (If you have custom routing, call Customer Service.)
  • View all of your reports, including call logs, e-mail logs, and traffic summaries. PPC reports are also available here!
  • Upload photos, which can be added to your photo gallery or submitted with a note stating which page you’d like them to be on.
  • Add blog posts. This will keep your site content fresh (which is valuable for SEO) and add a personal touch for your customers to enjoy.

These features are the cornerstone of the Portal, and they have the potential to transform the way you actively participate in your campaign. Do yourself and your business a favor by taking advantage of them!

What’s Brand New

With the launch of the new Portal come a few new functions, as well. These were designed to supplement existing features and ultimately help you get even more out of your campaign. Now, you can:

  • View PPC calls separately from your organic calls, enabling you to more accurately track the performance of each campaign.
  • Identify the nature of each call on your call log. This way, you can look back and immediately see which calls came from new customers, which calls led to booked jobs, and which calls were irrelevant or from solicitors. This helps you organize your leads more effectively.
  • Listen to calls on the go with our new audio player. It still works on desktop computers, but now our audio player offers improved functionality for mobile devices.

We implemented these improvements as part of our commitment to make it easy and convenient to participate in your own campaign as much as possible.

Do Your Part With the Portal

Remember: A successful online advertising campaign requires both of us to do our parts. We’ll take care of promoting your business’s contact information far and wide, but there’s plenty that you can do from the Portal to supplement those efforts. With your help, we’ll take your campaign to the next level. So visit the Portal today and get started!