Google's New Policy Lets You Separate Business and Personal Accounts

Do you remember having to pass along your Google log-in information when you first signed up with us? That’s because, due to one of Google’s flawed policies, we needed it in order to access your business’s listings and data.  It was a flawed policy because it forced you to consolidate all of your Google applications under one username, regardless of whether they were for personal or professional use. This policy created a lot of headaches and confusion, which is why we’re so relieved that it has been fixed. Now, with the new dashboard launched as part of the new Google My Business, business owners can name a third party “manager” of their listings, which doesn’t require them to give out their log-in information. We believe it’s a huge improvement. Here’s why.

Better Privacy and Security

Google’s old policy meant that a third party (like us) could only access your Google+ Local, Google Places for Business, and Google Analytics data by using the same password that you used to log-in to personal applications like Gmail, Picasa, and Google Voice. An online marketer, no matter how trustworthy, should simply not have this kind of access to your personal accounts—but alas, that’s exactly what Google forced on us all. Now, you can keep your private matters private while Prospect Genius works within the bounds of your business-related needs. We’ll be able to update your listings as needed, track your visibility and performance, and keep your campaign running smoothly without ever needing your personal password again.

Greater Control and Ownership

The previous policy also posed problems in regard to ownership. If you didn’t want to give out your personal log-in information, the only way around it was to eject your listings from your personal account, thus completely relinquishing control and ownership over them. Then, the third party would claim that listing as the “owner” in order to manage it as needed. Understandably, this made lots of folks feel uncomfortable. What if the marketer was unprofessional or ineffective? The business owner would have zero control over what happened to their listing. Thankfully, the new policy allows business owners to maintain ownership of their listings while third parties simply become the managers of Google My Business. This way, if there’s a conflict, the business owner has the final say—as it should be.

Heightened Efficacy and Power

When Google created its old policy, it assumed that every individual performed his or her own Internet marketing, SEO, and PPC. That’s simply not the case. Frankly, small business owners who specialize in a specific trade should not be attempting their own online advertising in the first place (a topic we’ve covered extensively). The simple reality is that DIY management of Google Places listings, Google AdWords, and Google Analytics by inexperienced individuals is not effective. Unfortunately, this policy led a lot of small business owners to attempt it themselves, for fear of giving a stranger total access to their e-mail and other personal applications. Now, small business owners can hire a professional like us to manage their Google My Business accounts without worrying about compromising their privacy. The experienced and AdWords-certified professionals at Prospect Genius can work their magic on your company’s listings while you have some peace of mind. The result? A powerful online advertising campaign that packs a lot more punch.

Set Up Your Manager Today

No business owner should have to choose between their personal privacy and their company’s web presence. Thankfully, Google’s new policy provides you with security while also enabling you to maximize your online advertising by turning over managerial control to the pros at Prospect Genius. All you have to do is add our e-mail address to the account as your Google My Business manager. It’s that easy! Just contact your Account Manager now for specific details. As always, call or e-mail us with any questions you may have.