Targeted Online Marketing Reaps Rewards for Glass Services

People used to look for area businesses in the phone book. Not anymore. Today they use search engines to find everything from pizza delivery to local service providers, including glass companies. Keyword data shows that thousands of local monthly searches are taking place for a number of general glass-related keywords:

  • Glass replacement = 368,000 searches
  • Window replacement = 450,000 searches
  • Glass company = 110,000 searches

This solid search traffic is the reason that organic lead generation usually works quite well for glass companies. But did you know that having the right content on your site can make a huge difference in the success of your glass company’s online marketing campaign?

Reach More Consumers

Even if you have great traffic to your website for general glass keywords, you could still be missing out on even more potential customers. That’s because glass cutting and replacement is a varied enough industry that there are thousands of specific, targeted searches taking place each month. Consumers are searching online for much more than just “glass replacement” or “glass company.” They’re looking for “custom mirrors,” “glass for table top,” “glass cutting,” and many other targeted items and services. If your website is focused only on general glass replacement, it’s unlikely to rank well on search results pages when people are looking for things like mirrors or tabletops.

Specific Content for Specific Searches

On the other hand,┬áif you target more specific glass services on your website, you can reel in customers who want particular types of glass. By going into a little more detail about your individual glass services, your website is more likely to rank for those targeted keywords. Adding a page focused on custom mirror cutting or including a page about table glass replacement, for instance, can help ensure your site shows up in searches for general glass services keywords AND those types of targeted searches as well. After all, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this kind of local monthly search traffic:

  • Glass cutting = 74,000 searches
  • Custom mirrors = 14,800 searches
  • Glass for table top = 74,000 searches

Make sure you’re adequately advertising all of your glass services online. Not certain you’re targeting the right keywords? Interested in adding content about custom mirrors or glass cutting to your website? Prospect Genius can help. Give us a call today! We can answer your questions and provide a free assessment to help ensure you’re reaching the full range of consumers looking for glass services in your area.