Genius Success Stories, Vol. 5: Customer Trust Nurtures a COVID Comeback

In our weekly “Genius Success Stories” series, we showcase clients that have used our program to positively impact their small businesses. Check back each week to see a new success story!

We’re here with another COVID survival story for you this week.

Centered Stillness Acupuncture and Massage Therapy, a massage therapist in Albany, NY, was hit hard by the pandemic back in the spring. Social-distancing mandates, combined with the general public’s reluctance to be in close personal contact with others, meant the massage therapist saw a major drop in business. Take a look:

However, as Albany’s local economy began to reopen over the next few months, Centered Stillness was able to climb its way back.

We credit this comeback to a few factors:

1. The massage therapist has an appealing Google Maps listing, flush with information about the business.

2. They have a 4.9 star rating on Google.

3. They implemented specific COVID-19 safety measures, and their website communicates those details clearly so customers can feel safe visiting their wellness center.

Look at their current numbers:

As you can see by the increase in leads, Centered Stillness earned the confidence of customers with the combination of glowing reviews and a detailed safety strategy. If you take one lesson from this success story, it’s that customers these days want to do business with places they feel they can trust. So, do everything you can to demonstrate your safety precautions, cleanliness, and sense of compassion in this time of fear and uncertainty. Your customers will show their loyalty in return!