Genius Success Stories, Vol. 4: Recovering From a COVID Hit Thanks to Customer Reviews

In our weekly “Genius Success Stories” series, we showcase clients that have used our program to positively impact their small businesses. Check back each week to see a new success story!

Thanks for tuning in! Our story this week is about how one small business took a massive hit due to the COVID-19 shutdown and found a way to climb back. We think you’ll connect with it.

Tyson Whiteside Audio Video, LLC, is a Portland-based AV specialist who, like many of us, hit a rough patch this spring when the pandemic brought life as we knew it to a standstill. Their usual, steady stream of new customers dried up due to the one-two punch of a pandemic-induced shutdown and their lack of customer reviews on Google.

See, it was one thing to have the rug pulled out from under them when the local economy froze and strict social-distancing orders were in place. After all, it made sense that there would be much fewer customers calling for nonessential services at that time. But what little business *was* there, Tyson Whiteside Audio Video’s competitors were cleaning it up because they ranked higher on Google results and had more impressive customer reviews.

However, once the quarantine orders in Portland were relaxed, the AV company was able to add some reviews to their Google listing and their circumstances dramatically improved. Not only did their local ranking climb higher, but they actually started getting even *more* leads than before!

The numbers write the story themselves:

So, what’s your takeaway?

While you can’t predict or control a global pandemic, there are certain elements of your business you *can* control. Your customer rating is one of them. When you consistently provide your customers with exceptional service AND regularly encourage them to leave reviews on Google (and elsewhere), you’ll future-proof your business and have a stronger shield to protect you from unforgiving economic winds.

Tyson Whiteside Audio Video took a hit, but they fortified their Google listing with customer reviews—and now they’re stronger than ever.

If you’re still struggling to get your phone to ring, don’t lose hope! With the right moves, you can have a comeback story of your own. Call us if you need help!