Genius Success Stories, Vol. 3: Multiple Locations, Hundreds of Leads

In our weekly “Genius Success Stories” series, we showcase clients that have used our program to positively impact their small businesses. Check back each week to see a new success story!

Welcome back! This week, we’re giving a huge shoutout to Maverick Self Storage, a self-storage company with multiple locations southwest of San Antonio, TX.

The noteworthy thing about this business’s campaign is that they’ve steadily climbed to hundreds of leads per month since signing up with us last year—and that’s despite having multiple locations!

Maverick Self Storage’s monthly leads from Aug. 2019 through Sept. 2020:

Maverick Self Storage is proof-positive that it *is* possible to have a successful local SEO campaign with several addresses. This campaign thrived because they have a mailing address and physical presence at each location that they advertise on Google. Furthermore, each location’s Google listing links back to the same website and phone number, which means the locations aren’t battling each other for ranking.

In short, this success story demonstrates that when you have a smart, legitimate SEO strategy—as opposed to one that relies on spammy tactics with numerous websites—the sky’s the limit.

Kudos to Maverick Self Storage on their wise decision to do things the *right* way. Looks like you’ve been rewarded!