Expand your reach with Facebook Ads HELOO

Facebook Ads Are the Flexible, Affordable Tool You Need

Are you thinking about layering some social media on top of your existing marketing program? Would you like to connect with customers beyond your campaign’s currently targeted location? No matter what’s driving you to consider expanding your reach or growing your audience, Facebook Ads are a great option. A budget-friendly alternative to Google AdWords and other PPC options, Facebook Ads offer tremendous flexibility. You can use them for virtually anything: seasonal promotions, important company news, special coupons, and more! You can also use them to spread the word about your business, get more Facebook Page Likes, and draw people to your website. We love recommending Facebook Ads to our clients when they’re looking to take their campaign to the next level. They’re easy, affordable, and effective. Here are the top four reasons you should bring Facebook Ads into the mix for your company.

1. Facebook Ads Are Less Expensive Than Google AdWords

One of the most enticing aspects of Facebook Ads is the cost. Compared to other paid advertising models—namely, Google AdWords—Facebook can be significantly more cost effective. Yes, Facebook Ads do follow a different model from AdWords. On one hand, AdWords ads are only shown to users on a search results page after they’ve purposely searched for a related keyword or topic. On the other hand, Facebook’s ads are a form of what we call “interruption marketing.” They’re similar to billboards on the side of the highway and TV commercials that interrupt your favorite shows. You aren’t particularly motivated in that moment to learn about the products being advertised; regardless, these advertisements are tucked away somewhere in the back of your mind, increasing brand awareness. And if the commercial or ad is especially memorable, you may even seek to find out more on your own. So, when comparing the costs of Facebook Ads and Google AdWords, remember to account for the difference in models and goals. With Google, your objective is to get motivated buyers to click on your ad and ultimately call you. Meanwhile, with Facebook, your objective (typically) is to spread the word about your products and/or services and attract new social media followers in the process. That being said, Facebook’s ad costs are substantially lower than Google’s. While a keyword-targeted ad for your industry might cost you $12 per click on AdWords, an ad with similar messaging may cost you just $2 per click on Facebook. Your audience on Facebook may not be as motivated to make an immediate purchase, but that’s why Facebook is a great tool for when you just want to broaden your visibility.

2. Facebook Ads Help Build Up Your Brand-New Page

Speaking of broader visibility: Using Facebook Ads is a smart move when you’re first starting out on the social network. You can design your ads so they encourage users to engage with your post and like your Facebook page. Facebook Ads include a highly visible call-to-action button, which says “Like Page” in this case, that users can click without having to navigate to your page separately. Removing this extra step from the equation makes people much more likely to follow through. Therefore, when you’re first establishing your Facebook page and don’t have many followers or likes yet, Facebook Ads can prove vital. You simply upload photos, videos, coupons, and other attention-grabbing content, select which demographics you want to target as your audience, and Facebook does the rest. Before you know it, you’ll have significantly increased your page’s likes and followers and laid the groundwork for an attractive, appealing page.

3. Facebook Ads Help You Reach a Broader Geographic Audience

For some business owners, their concern lies not with building a Facebook presence, but with reaching out to customers just outside their targeted location. You see, if you’re doing any type of SEO as a local service provider, the marketing process involves targeting a specific geographic area (so you’re visible on Google Maps). Most of your business listings and online content will emphasize this particular town, city, or county. However, some businesses may want to let their online audience know they serve customers beyond certain zip codes. In these cases, businesses can use Facebook Ads to reach people in different locations. When selecting your audience details, you can easily pinpoint the states and/or cities where your audience members reside. So, for example, let’s say your business’s online presence focuses on Salt Lake City, UT, but you want to do business beyond that one city. You can create ads on Facebook that will display in front of people in Ogden and Provo, which are both roughly 40 miles away from Salt Lake City in either direction. This way, you’re able to expand your geographic reach without messing with your SEO.

4. Facebook Ads Are Super Flexible

One of the most beneficial features of Facebook Ads is their versatility. You can use these ads for just about any purpose:

  • Promote awareness of your company.
  • Get more conversions (clicks, calls, newsletter signups).
  • Increase people’s engagement with your content (likes, shares, comments).
  • Reach people in a specific geographic area.
  • Encourage people to visit your storefront.
  • Bring more traffic to your website.
  • Get more photo and video views.
  • And more!

As long as you have high-quality photos, graphics, or videos, you can create stunning ads that will capture the eyes of any audience you wish to target. Plus, customizing your ads is super easy. Facebook even has a tool that makes video creation a breeze! With Facebook Ads, you can reap the benefits of professional-looking advertisements without the high production costs. So if you’re looking for the next step in your online marketing campaign, you’ve found it. Facebook Ads are the low-risk, cost-effective, easy-to-use solution you’ve been searching for. If you’re not a DIYer, talk to your marketer today about adding Facebook Ads to your arsenal!