Don't Worry: Your PG Site Is Already Optimized for Mobile

We’ve recently heard from a substantial number of clients who were concerned about whether their LeadTrax™ sites were optimized for mobile. Before we delve into an explanation, let us just say this: Yes, your site is optimized for mobile devices. You have nothing to worry about. Google logo All of this concern came from the announcement of Google’s latest update, which took place earlier this week. The update is intended to favor mobile-optimized webpages in mobile search results. It only applies to searches conducted on mobile devices. For the record, saying that a site is “optimized for mobile” is just a fancier way of saying that a site is mobile friendly. In other words, the site works seamlessly when viewed on a mobile device without having any issues with formatting, readability, or media display. When they heard the news, lots of business owners panicked because they didn’t know if their websites were actually optimized for mobile according to Google’s qualifications. This wasn’t helped by the group of shady advertisers who were calling businesses, pretending to be Google, and telling them their sites weren’t mobile friendly. (Remember: Google would never call you to tell you this.) Thankfully, Prospect Genius has been creating mobile-friendly versions of our LeadTrax sites since 2009. In fact, we were one of the first online advertising companies to make the move to mobile—most of our competitors were at least a year behind. We knew that mobile search, especially in the local sphere, would start to take over sooner or later, so we prepared ourselves and our clients for the inevitable. Six years later, our preparation is paying off big time. So, again, if you have a LeadTrax site from Prospect Genius, this Google update should be no cause for concern. In fact, there’s a chance it may even help your site rank above local competitors! You can read more about the update on Google’s Webmaster Central Blog. As always, don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us if you have any questions.