What Can You Do Now to Up the Ante of Your Campaign in 2015?

Around this time every year, we hear from a lot of clients asking us how they can add more oomph to their campaigns. They want to start off the next year strong. This year, of course, has been no different. We’ve already had several proactive business owners ask us what they can do to put themselves in a position where they will see even more leads than before. With that, we decided to dedicate this post to the numerous ways in which you, our clients, can improve and build upon your existing campaigns. If you’d like to maximize your online advertising success, read on!

For Our Starters

First and foremost, if you’re currently enrolled in our Directory Dominator or Starter program, you can upgrade to the Core program. Core is lead generation, instead of basic web presence management, so upgrading is a good way to get more calls and e-mails.

For Core Customers

If you’re already a member of our Core program, there are plenty of things you can do to make your SEO campaign even more effective.

  • Make sure your LeadTrax™ site has a page for every service you offer so you don’t miss out on valuable leads.
  • Make sure your LeadTrax site is not promoting any service(s) you no longer offer so you don’t have to turn down jobs.
  • Make sure you notify us if your contact information has changed. That way, you won’t miss leads because they went to an old e-mail address or phone number.
  • Update your phone package if you need to add more lines or route your calls to a different number. You can change the forwarding number yourself in the Client Portal if you have only one line.
  • Add brand pages to your LeadTrax site (e.g. “Maytag Appliance Repair,” “Trane Furnace Repair,” and so on). This will help you capture traffic from more specific searches.
  • Let us disclose your hidden addresses. If you’ve requested to have your business address hidden, let us display it, at least on some directories. Most directories require a physical location these days, so a hidden address means your business can’t be listed in those directories.
  • Add a second LeadTrax site if you’re expanding your business to cover a new service area. (This only works if you’re actually opening up a second physical location.)
  • Add SocialStream™ to your campaign and have our team create blog posts for you and share them on your social media accounts as many times per month as you’d like.

If you want to make a more drastic change, you can always upgrade to our Premium package and enjoy all the immediate benefits of pay-per-click when it’s combined with your existing SEO.

For Premium Customers

If you participate in our Premium program, then you’ve already done a great job setting yourself up for optimal lead generation. While Premium combines the best of SEO and PPC, there are still a few adjustments and additions you can make to maximize your campaign’s success. As a Premium customer, you can make any of the changes in the list above. In addition, you can also kick up your PPC efforts by adding a remarketing campaign. Powered by Google AdWords, a remarketing campaign targets your ads at people who have recently checked out your website. This keeps your business at the top of their minds, building familiarity and trust in your brand. (Note: Remarketing campaigns are also available for customers who use our PPC service exclusively.)

Climb the Mountain

The steps involved in search engine ranking depicted as a path up a mountainAs we’ve said before, you can compare online advertising to the slow ascent up a mountain, with the top-ranked position on Google acting as the peak. But, just like climbing a mountain, you have to start at the foothills—which, in this analogy, are local directories and Google Maps. Then, as you climb higher, you’ll reach optimized website content, social media, and PPC. The higher you climb, the more competitors you will outrank.

At the end of the day, your goal should be to get closer and closer to the peak of this mountain. If you feel like you’ve been hanging out at the same altitude for too long, then it’s time to get out your grappling hooks and start climbing again. Prospect Genius has a wide variety of services designed to hoist you all the way up to the summit, so why delay? Call your account manager today to see what you can do to make sure you climb even further in 2015.