A New Look for Your Site!

Looking to get the absolute most out of your lead generation campaign with Prospect Genius? Then upgrade to our new LeadTrax™ site template, Bubbles. The new template is a great choice for:

  • An exciting new layout
  • Dynamic color choices
  • A large header photo box, perfect for showing off your logo, company vehicle, and more

A new look can actually provide your campaign with a boost. That’s because with a newer, more exciting style, the better chance you have of getting site visitors to call! In short, just by upgrading to the Bubbles template, you may be able to convert more site visitors into paying customers!

Same Great Site Features

Switching to the Bubbles template means you get an engaging new look, without losing a single one of the great features your site already has. The blog, the photo gallery, advanced call routing, and more are all here to stay! It’s important to keep adding pictures and updating your blog, because the more involved you are with your campaign, the more successful it will be! Good photos, particularly, can make all the difference. As a dynamic and attractive feature on your LeadTrax site, eye-catching images can help you set yourself apart from the competition. The same goes for your blog. Frequent posts can help ensure that your business stands out from the crowd. Blog posts can be anything from great pictures to industry tips and tricks to specials you’re offering. In fact, if you’re running a holiday discount or promotion, don’t forget to mention it on your blog!

Check Out the New Look

Want to see the Bubbles template in action before you commit to the switch? Visit the sites below to see how this engaging template looks:

If you’re sold on the Bubbles template, just contact your sales manager or campaign coordinator to upgrade today. We’re here to help!