3 Reasons Registering Your Business Name Is Worth the Paperwork

You’re a business owner. A self-starter. This means you’re an independent person by nature. You like to run your business on your own terms with as little interference as possible. The idea of involving the state with your business makes you cringe. But guess what? Registering your business name with the state is vital, even just from an advertising standpoint. Not only does it keep other businesses from capitalizing on your name recognition, but it also proves your legitimacy to search engines and customers alike. In other words, it’s an effective part of maintaining a healthy web presence and keeping those leads coming in. After you read this post, you’ll be chomping at the bit to contact your state’s business division and register your company name. Here’s why.

1. Registering Your Business Name Protects You From Copycats

You already know how much SEO is tied to consistency in information, especially for key elements like your business name. So you can imagine the damage that could occur if another business decided to adopt your name for themselves and attach all of their contact information to it. Either that business would end up stealing all your SEO mojo, or both of your web presences would collapse. Neither scenario is good. However, by registering your business name with the state, you can ensure that no one else uses it—which, in turn, safeguards against the potential SEO fallout that could occur if another business in your state were advertising for the exact same name. You can even go a step further and register similar DBA (“doing business as”) names so no one else can capitalize on your popularity. For example, if you’re Bob’s Appliance Repair Service, you should also register “Bob’s Appliance Service” and “Bob’s Appliance Repairs.” This way, another business can’t take over your hard-earned name recognition, confuse customers, and potentially steal leads. In short, registering your business name with the state gives you recourse to stop other businesses from using an identical or similar name.

2. Registering Your Business Name Makes You More Legit

We always talk about the small things you can do to look as professional as possible and make your customers feel confident in you. From recording a proper voicemail greeting to creating a corporate e-mail address, a little bit goes a long way.

Being registered with the state is just another thing you can do to amplify the legitimacy and professionalism of your business. This is what helps turn leads into customers.

3. Registering Your Business Name Makes Google Verification Easier

This doesn’t apply to every industry. However, for certain categories that are flooded with spam (like locksmiths), Google may sometimes request a copy of your business registration before completing the verification process. They do this to block spammers from creating listings for fake companies. So if you’re in a spam-heavy industry, register your business name. Period. Otherwise, your business may not appear on Google Maps. And if you’re not on Google Maps, you’re shutting the door on lots and lots of leads.

It’s the Smart Thing to Do

Sure, it’s a pain to work with government agencies and fill out piles of paperwork. But as annoying as it may be, registering your business name is the intelligent move. Not registering can leave money on the table. Want to attract more customers and book more jobs? Registering your business name with the state is a powerful step in the right direction. Money and your reputation are on the line. You have all the motivation you need to contact your state and begin the registration process. Don’t miss out on valuable leads just because you didn’t feel like filling out some paperwork! You can find out all about registering your business name over on the U.S. Small Business Administration website.