How It Works

Potential customers are out there, searching for the very services your business offers. Our online marketing packages are designed to get those customers converted from searching for your services to buying them FROM YOU. Each package offers a different selection of online advertising tools and techniques designed for your business’s specific needs and goals. Developed with growth in mind, Prospect Genius’s packages build on one another to bring you the targeted Web marketing solutions you need now, tomorrow, and in the future.

Alphabet Soup Advertising Explained

When it comes to Web marketing, people throw around terms like SEO and PPC without really explaining what they are, how they work, and what they can do for your company. Let’s make sure you understand what kind of online advertising is right for your company and your needs. SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click) are both effective kinds of online advertising, but because they work in different ways, they achieve different goals.

  • PPC gets results quickly, but, like the name implies, you pay for each and every click. Your ads appear in the sponsored links section on the search engine results page, and those clicks can add up, making PPC a pricy long-term approach.
  • SEO takes a little longer to start showing major results, but long term, it provides great value. That’s because SEO works to continually gain traction and exposure on search results pages, expanding your Web presence for maximum ROI.

Here’s how the PG packages work:

  PPC When you want to see online advertising results right now, our PPC package offers almost immediate results. You select which services you want to target and how much you want to spend on clicks, and we take care of the rest. Our ad rotation and testing, keyword management, and bid management make sure you’re getting the traffic you want, and our transparent approach to pay-per-click means you control your click budgets, so you always know exactly what you’re spending on traffic. Enabling you to customize your PPC spending to a level that’s right for your company, Prospect Genius’s package lets you keep the reins on your budget while getting you great traffic, fast. SEO For your Web marketing efforts to be most effective, you need to have a solid SEO foundation: that’s an optimized Web site and a Google+ Local listing at the very least. When you work with Prospect Genius, that’s what you get with Starter. We build you a basic version of a LeadTrax™ site (with mobile version) and add a Google+ Local listing. If that’s the right amount of online advertising for your business at the moment, you’re off to a great start. If you want more than just the foundation, we can take you to the next level with Core. Core includes the same foundational steps as our Starter program; in fact, we can upgrade any Starter client to the Core package at any time, without having to redo any of the original work. But with Core, you get more! It’s like getting the whole house instead of just the foundation. You’ll get a full LeadTrax site (with mobile version), a Google+ Local listing, social media marketing, listings with major online directories, and other off-page promotion. Not only do we build you a customized, optimized Web site, but we promote it across the Web to maximize its traction and advertising power for you. SEO+PPC Once you have an established Web presence through our Core or Starter packages, you’ll be poised to capture great traffic. But sometimes you want to do more. For a temporary online advertising surge on one of your services or another, our Boost package layers on top of Core or Starter to offer additional promotion for a seasonal job, preferred service, or just about any offering you’d like to market aggressively. And if you’re looking for a boost that lasts more than a couple months, our Premium package may be right for you. Premium combines our Core and PPC packages to bring you a truly comprehensive approach to promoting your services online.