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Stop trying to fit your company, your budget, and your unique advertising goals all into one cookie cutter-shaped box! Especially when you neither own nor control that box. We provide options designed to let you customize your online marketing from the bottom up.

A Website You Own

The centerpiece of any online marketing campaign is your website. And with Prospect Genius, your website really is your website. That’s because you own your CoreSite. Unlike with internet marketers who retain ownership of the site advertising your business, you own your CoreSite as soon as you purchase it. You’ll be able to invest in your brand and your online presence with confidence, knowing your site is yours forever.

Marketing That Grows With You

Providing a cross-section of online marketing tools and techniques, Prospect Genius is proud to offer solutions designed to fit you today, tomorrow, and down the road. With our growth-minded approach, our products and services build on one another seamlessly. As your online advertising needs evolve, we’ll expand on past progress and develop a sound strategy for your future.

  • Customizable. Fitted to your vision.
  • Versatile. Useful for any business.
  • Flexible. Easily pieced together over time.
  • Budget friendly. Practical.

Tailored to Your Business’s Needs

Designed to fit together to grow your online visibility, expand your web presence, and help your company thrive, our diverse tools provide a comprehensive range of online marketing solutions. You can pick and choose which strategies you want to add, creating an approach that’s unique to your business and your particular needs. Our goal is to customize an effective campaign that truly reflects you. Prospect Genius’s online marketing services are for small businesses that know what they want. We engineer your campaign for optimal results while customizing all your features to order. The result is long-lasting web marketing that will bring customers right to your doorstep.