Prospect Genius exists to help small businesses thrive. We partner with companies and organizations to help them not just to survive, but to grow and prosper. Our unwavering commitment to integrity forms the core of every partnership we forge, providing a foundation of trust our clients can put their faith in. Through constant innovation, our online marketing services will change the world one small business at a time.


Our core values are Honesty, Empathy, Accountability, and Dependability. We take our core values seriously. They are the ties that bind us and we make our hiring and firing decisions with these core values in mind. Alone, these words can have various meanings but here is what they mean to us:

  • Honesty: We deal with the cold, hard facts, even when they’re ugly. By dealing only with the truth, we are able to find solutions to problems and build trust with our clients and coworkers.
  • Empathy: We seek first to understand, rather than to be understood. We take a personal interest in others and help them however we can. We put others first.
  • Accountability: We don’t make excuses. We own up to our mistakes.
  • Dependability: We don’t cut corners. We don’t give up. We attack challenges and accomplish the mission.


Prospect Genius is a small business that’s dedicated to serving small businesses. Because we’re a small company just like you, we understand many of the challenges you face. In fact, we deal with many of the same obstacles and hurdles every day. As our mission statement describes, we are focused on helping other small businesses thrive. That is our foundation, our inspiration, and our motivation, and it’s the reason so many of our clients find success with Prospect Genius.

  • We believe in delivering superior customer service. This comes not through outsourcing to a call center but rather by providing easy access to our friendly staff. When clients call Prospect Genius, they’re connected directly with team members who are knowledgeable about their account and committed to offering exceptional customer care.
  • We believe in generating the best possible ad and site copy for our clients. By utilizing only experienced, native-speaking writers and editors to craft content, our team is able to create professional-sounding, highly effective, and error-free text for clients’ campaigns.
  • We believe in treating clients with nothing but respect and honesty. Prospect Genius is dedicated to forming lasting partnerships with our clients, and to do so, we understand that it’s critical to always consider the best interests of our clients first—no exceptions.

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